More children win when we unite

Communities thrive only when all their children are thriving. That’s why our mission is to bring together people and resources to drive sustainable and equitable improvements in the well-being of half a million lives across Greater Atlanta.

What We're Up Against

1 out of 3

Only 1/3 of the children in Greater Atlanta are having their early childhood care needs met. But we know it’s crucial for them to enter school prepared to learn.

3 in 10

In many Greater Atlanta communities, about 37 percent of high school students have the financial means and pre-requisites to enter college and graduate—that’s compared to more than 70 percent in communities with high child well-being.


In some Greater Atlanta communities, more than 50% of families wouldn’t be able to cover a $400 emergency.


Children who grow up in poverty have a 4 percent chance of moving into the middle class.

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Putting Child Well-Being on the Map

Learn how the different regions across Greater Atlanta are helping improve the well-being of children, the families that support them and the communities that surround them. 


Four Ways We Transform Lives

At United Way of Greater Atlanta, we believe that every child deserves to be happy, healthy and educated. With the help of our community partners, we identified four investment priorities with the highest potential to improve child well-being across the 13-county Greater Atlanta region.

Build Strong Learners
Give children the tools they need from the start to set them up for a successful future.
Prepare Youth for Careers

Create a clear path for Atlanta’s youth — from high school to college and beyond.

Increase Economic Stability
Improve job skills, health costs, housing and financial education to help families convert income into wealth.
Create Brighter Futures
Create equitable growth in the most challenged communities so everyone, regardless of race or zip code, can thrive.


Our Efforts Are Greater When We Work Together

children will become stronger learners through securing housing and receiving basic needs for their families, receiving support to build reading skills, strengthening their family engagement, and increasing their access to health services and quality early learning.
youth will receive support for higher education and high-growth careers through strengthened academic support, expanded career pathways, increased college planning and secure housing and basic needs.
individuals will receive access to childcare/afterschool care, job skills, financial training, and housing and basic needs, in order to reach economic stability.
individuals will be supported through investments that expand key coalitions, increase civic participation, and improved advocacy that directly improve communities in Clayton, South DeKalb and South Fulton County.


Together, Let’s Do More

There’s a lot of work to be done, but every step counts. Whether you give time or money, your contribution moves us in the right direction — and when we unite, our impact goes even further. Explore how you could get involved below.

For Individuals

Calling all hand raisers and trailblazers. If you’re as hungry for change as we are, let’s make more happen together.

For Businesses

Teamwork makes our dream work. From corporate social responsibility to employee engagement tools, there are many ways to make a difference.

For Nonprofits

Calling all hand raisers and trailblazers. If you’re as hungry for change as we are, let’s make more happen together.

Making News and Doing More

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