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College & Career Ready

Helping young adults achieve their dreams is the more we’re working for. College and Career Ready is a regional investment priority that creates a clear path for youth to be successful in high school, college and high-growth careers.

What We're Up Against

By 2025, 60 percent of jobs in Georgia will require some college education.
3 in 10
In Greater Atlanta communities with low child well-being, about 37 percent of high school students have the financial means and pre-requisites to enter college and graduate—that’s compared to more than 70 percent in communities with high child well-being.
$16 B
Under skilled youth cost businesses and colleges as much as $16 billion annually in lost productivity, income and remedial expenses.
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Here's What We're Doing

Strengthen Academic Support
Improve academic outcomes by ensuring youth have quality afterschool and summer experiences that foster leadership development, success in school and planning for future careers.
Expand Career Pathways
Create opportunities for youth to build soft skills that employers prefer — such as comprehensive work-based learning programs like apprenticeships, which advance work-readiness and lead to longer-term career opportunities.
Increase College Planning
Help youth and their families build financial literacy skills, develop savings plans, and navigate the complexities of college funding as well as post-secondary education selection and application.
Secure Housing and Basic Needs
Increase equitable access to food, shelter and transportation — the fundamentals that all children need to learn and thrive.

Stories That Drive Change

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College Bound FAFSA Volunteer Training
College Bound is one of our most impactful community volunteer events. This service project is more than filling out the FAFSA Form; for our students, it’s about making college a real…
Grant Opportunity Opens for Building Youth Apprenticeships
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Calling all Youth Makers!
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Other Ways We Are Investing

Racial Equity & Healing

Communities thrive only when every child, regardless of race, identity or circumstances, has equitable opportunities. To achieve this, we must invest in solutions that address the root causes of racial inequity.

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Child Well-Being Mission Fund

Close to half a million children in Greater Atlanta live in communities with low or very low child well-being. United Way of Greater Atlanta is focused on ensuring every child has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential so that communities can say, “all the children are well.”

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Brighter Future

Work at the neighborhood level to strengthen communities and address systemic inequities.

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Economic Stability

Help families build a stable financial foundation through job training, financial education and healthcare access.

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Strong Learners

Learning to read means reading to learn. Set all children up for success by teaching them to read by 3rd grade.

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