Legacy Leader: Conchita Robinson

September 20, 2016

We are excited to spotlight Legacy Leader Conchita Robinson, President of C. Robinson Associates!

Upon joining IBM, right out of college, my first United Way assignment was as a loaned executive to help with the annual campaign. During my tenure with IBM, I contributed every year through our workplace campaign to United Way. Over the years, my knowledge of community challenges and the work of the organization grew stronger. I felt then—and still do today—that United Way is one of the most efficient and effective ways to address the myriad of issues that confront our community.

I’ve since retired from corporate America, but I still view United Way of Greater Atlanta as an organization that does great work, assists with community issues and helps improve people’s lives. I really wanted to make a meaningful gift to United Way, one that would continue to help our community after I was gone. It became clear that a legacy gift could impact lives and solve problems in the future, problems that today are unimaginable. To continue to support the organization to which I’ve given my time, talents and treasures throughout my career seemed a logical step.

For that reason, I included United Way of Greater Atlanta in my estate plans through a life insurance policy. This was much easier than I imagined to set up and allows me to make a lasting and significant gift. It is with pride that my family name, long after I’ve gone, will show as a donor to United Way, an organization which I believe will continue to make a positive difference in our communities.”

Conchita Robinson
United Way of Greater Atlanta Legacy Leader
United Way of Greater Atlanta Johnnetta B. Cole Society Member
President of C Robinson Associates, Inc

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