Brighter Future

Enlisting and supporting communities to envision their futures.

Imagine a world where more communities prosper. Our Brighter Future work focuses on working in and with communities in Clayton County, South DeKalb, and South Fulton to improve conditions and remove barriers to equitable growth so that everyone — regardless of race or zip code — can thrive.

What we're up against

What we're doing

Strengthen Resident Leadership and Engagement

Increase leadership development opportunities for individuals, civic groups, and community coalitions.

Community-Driven Innovation

Engage residents and local leaders in the innovation and redesign process of a neighborhood in order to implement best practices in education, income, education, health, and housing.

Community Organizing and Civic Engagement

Strengthen skills of individuals and groups to participate in civic action, build broader coalitions, and advocate for improvements in their communities, amplifying the voices of residents.

Race and Place

Our research shows that the percentage of BIPOC population in Priority 1 and 2 neighborhoods is greater than the percentage of BIPOC who make up the Greater Atlanta population.

Key findings


African Americans represent 40 percent of the total population under the age of 18 but represent 52 percent of that population in Priority 1 and 2 neighborhoods.


Non-Hispanic Whites represent 33 percent of the total population under the age of 18 but represent 17 percent of that population in Priority 1 and 2 neighborhoods. 

What we're doing

As part of our Child Well-Being Mission, we launched the Racial Equity and Healing Fund, which supports our work to improve child well-being in high-need neighborhoods by addressing systemic inequalities. Through this fund, we provide grants to programs predominately led by BIPOC that have a demonstrated track record of impacting individuals and families that live in communities with low child well-being scores. 


"Sometimes there are bigger issues that existing services will not fix."

We need you to help communities prosper.