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We are proud to partner with a diverse array of companies, ranging from the area’s top global employers to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Regardless of size, all of our partners are dedicated to the same mission: unlocking the full potential of children, families and communities across greater Atlanta. 

united way business partners

Delta Air Lines Executive Champions United Way’s Impact

Hear why Peter Carter believes that partnership with United Way is the most effective approach to uplift your community.

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Perks of partnering with us

Develop a corporate social responsibility strategy.

We offer a hands-on approach to find potential causes that meet your company’s needs. Through our partnership, you can create a CSR strategy that is both on brand with your mission and makes a noticeable impact on your community.

Need volunteer opportunities? We can help with that.

It can be difficult to find community engagement activities for your employees. By partnering with us, we will optimize your giving and participation by providing an abundance of volunteer opportunities that align with your company’s mission.

Utilize our resources to expand your impact.

Our team is here for you. From premier digital solutions to customizable marketing materials, we have the expertise and resources to support your efforts to become a socially conscious business.

Our business partners

Our donors help us do more

Connect your Business Resource Group with like-minded individuals

Joining an Engagement Group affords access to volunteer opportunities and events with like-minded community members. Consider becoming a member of one of our Engagement Groups like African American Partnership, Women United or Young Professional Leaders to take advantage of all we have to offer at United Way of Greater Atlanta.
LINC members give $250 annually and are under the age of 30, and YPL members give $500 annually and are under the
Women United mobilizes women of diverse backgrounds and is open to those who give $1000 annually.
LINC members give $250 annually and are under the age of 30.
African-American Partnership members give $1000 annually and are committed to uplifting African-American boys and young men in the metro Atlanta area.
United Way VIP is a nationally recognized board governance training program.

Enroll in VIP board training for your team.

Increase your company’s community impact and enhance your employees’ leadership skills with VIP, our nationally recognized nonprofit board governance training program. VIP participants earn a highly regarded credential and benefit from the connections they make among the VIP alumni network. The program also strengthens Greater Atlanta nonprofits and diversifies their boards via a robust pipeline of well-trained board members with a program designed to prepare high-performing employees for non-profit board leadership.

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