College and Career Ready

Uplifting untapped potential by providing unique opportunities for success.

Our latest child well-being data tells us that established college and career pathways overlook youth in high-need communities. By creating and investing in opportunities outside of these pathways, we empower young Atlantans to take the first step in building generational wealth.
college and career readiness

What we're up against

What we're doing

Strengthen Academic Support

Improve academic outcomes by ensuring youth have quality afterschool and summer experiences that foster leadership development, success in school, and planning for future careers.

Expand Career Pathways

Create opportunities for youth to build soft skills that employers prefer — such as comprehensive work-based learning programs like apprenticeships, which advance work-readiness and lead to longer-term career opportunities.

Increase College Planning

Help youth and their families build financial literacy skills, develop savings plans, and navigate the complexities of college funding as well as post-secondary education selection and application.

Secure Housing and Basic Needs

Increase equitable access to food, shelter and transportation — the fundamentals that all children need to learn and thrive.

Opportunity Youth

Opportunity youth are those ages 16 to 24 who fall outside of college and career pipelines. Factors like financial instability and lack of access to healthcare impact a young person’s ability to take advantage of traditional pathways to success in school and work. An overwhelming percentage of these youth are BIPOC.

college and career

What we're doing

CareerReady ATL, our youth workforce training initiative, matches young people with apprenticeships that provide them with the training, experience, and support needed to transition to adulthood. Click the button below to learn more.


Expand career pathways and help more students plan for college and job training.

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