Strong Learners

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For many children, there are factors beyond school that get in the way of success, like lack of early learning opportunities, absence of supports outside of school, and lack of financial stability. United Way’s Strong Learners work addresses the full range of issues standing in the way of each child’s success in meeting the important reading readiness milestone.

What we're up against

What we're doing

Increase Access to Early Learning

Ensure more young children have quality learning experiences at home, at quality early childhood providers, and in the community.

Build Reading Skills

Engage community volunteers as tutors and expand literacy-focused resources at after school and summer enrichment programs.

Family Health and Basic Needs

Provide support for families to address health issues that get in the way of school attendance and ensure children and their families have the food, shelter, transportation and technology that are fundamental to achieving positive educational outcomes.

Strengthen Family Engagement

Foster the natural leadership that parents have as their children’s first teacher, brain builder, advocate, and coach.

Academic Recovery

Research shows that 3rd grade reading proficiency and 8th grade math proficiency are reliable indicators of future success in academics. Each of the 13 counties that make up Greater Atlanta saw a decrease in 3rd grade reading proficiency from 2019 to 2022, and 11 of the 13 saw a decrease in 8th grade math proficiency in the same time frame. When children don’t have access to early learning opportunities, they face difficulties in elementary and middle school. Eventually, they are left behind as young adults.

What we're doing

Our Strong Learners investment priority is helping to bridge the gap through its investments supporting tutoring and other supplemental literacy programs.


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