Economic Stability

Helping families and individuals build wealth through job training, stable housing, financial education, and lower health costs.

Economic stability is foundational to mapping one’s future. United Way helps families and individuals gain the skills to earn more, save more, and keep more to turn income into wealth.

What we're up against

What we're doing

Secure Housing

Increase access for families to stable housing through programs that provide financial assistance for rent and utilities, and/or support for a pathway to obtain and maintain permanent housing.

Basic Needs and Equitable Access

Increase support for families to ensure food security, bridge the digital divide, and access to preventative health care.

Build Wealth

Provide support so families can increase savings, attain assets, improve credit scores, access financial products, and access financial education to create economic mobility for themselves and the next generation.

Employment Pathways

Create access to job training programs, increase opportunities for experiential learning, and the ability to quickly obtain the credentials needed to obtain employment in high-demand fields and achieve prosperity for low-income families.


Ensure there is economic stability and equitable growth in our most challenged communities.

Each of us has it within our power to do something. Can we count on you?

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