VIP Spotlight: Jennifer Barbosa Clegg

March 14, 2019

Jennifer Barbosa Clegg
Inova Payroll and Principal Owner
Barbosa Benefits and Financial Services

“I could not have imagined the value I was going to receive from the United Way VIP program. Originally, I anticipated making great connections and learning how to sit on a non-profit board. My goal was to be able to expand my professional reach. I must say, my expectations were far below what I actually gained! I have grown in so many ways!

United Way VIP has allowed me to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. My reasons for serving on a board are far more than what I can gain, rather, what can I do that aligns with what is important to me. I am beyond grateful for the intangibles I have gained from United Way VIP; friendship, personal and professional growth and most of all, a true sense involvement in my community and being able to give!”

Jennifer is currently serving on the board of the Georgia Micro Enterprise Network Inc. and on the board of the March of Dimes Young Professionals.