Tocqueville Society Member Spotlight: Lourdes “Lou” Grill

March 9, 2021

We are excited to spotlight Lourdes “Lou” Grill, Vice President and General Manager at McDonald’s North America, The Coca-Cola Company!

The team she leads is responsible for strategy and sales, marketing, finance, supply chain and operations. Prior to that she was responsible for the Coca-Cola North America Natural Channel strategy. Lou began her career at The Coca-Cola Company in Finance, providing North America P&L forecasting, management and oversight. Before joining The Coca-Cola Company, Lou was at Federal Express Corporation.

Lou served on the board of the United Way of Greater Atlanta on the Executive Committee as well as the Marketing Committee Chair and continues on the Marketing Committee, post-tenure limits. She served on the board of Girls Incorporated of Greater Atlanta for seven years including two years as the Board Chair. She received an MBA from the University of Georgia and a BA in Anthropology from Duke University. We connected with Lou to find out why she supports the community.

Why did you decide to get involved with United Way of Greater Atlanta?

I had been a long-time supporter of United Way through workplace campaigns at both Federal Express and Coca-Cola. When the opportunity came to join the board after chairing the board of a partner agency I jumped at the chance because I knew so well the impact that United Way had in the community and directly on child well-being.

How have you used your investment of time and treasure to support United Way of Greater Atlanta?

From a time standpoint serving on the board and chairing the marketing committee have been extremely rewarding. I’ve enjoyed connecting United Way of Greater Atlanta to my network of marketing capability and expertise. But truly that has given me more back in terms of satisfaction and learning than I have given. I’ve been proud to support financially through workplace giving, special event support and most recently through giving to the COVID 19 Relief Fund and the United for Racial Equity and Healing Fund as well as fundraising on my social media channels. I know the money has been well spent.

What has been your best experience serving as Board of Directors member?

Seeing the organization come together to focus on the critical mission of improving Child Well-Being in Atlanta while at the same time adapting and growing in a time of tremendous change. I’m also very gratified to still work with the marketing committee and to see that committee provide terrific support to the mission.

Why did you decide to become a Tocqueville Society member?

I value the clarity I have with United Way of Greater Atlanta that my giving can make a true difference in my Greater Atlanta community. Because my dollars are united with other dollars and United Way’s efforts are united with other community organizations efforts… for more. Because everything I have been given allows me to give back.

What is something unique about you that most people would not know?

My husband and I have been on a BBQ team that competes in the World Championship BBQ cooking contest. Spanish was my first language because I am the child of Cuban immigrants.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

I look forward to a little something in every day, the opportunity of Monday, the celebration of Friday, the reflection of Sunday and all the days in between. 2020 taught me that. I look forward to more variety of ways to find joy in 2021, but ultimately I choose joy every day.

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