Data-Driven Investing For An Equitable Future

September 10, 2021

Data guides the work of United Way of Greater Atlanta to assess gaps in services and understand the unique needs of our region as a whole and within each zip code.

When we work together — pooling our resources, time, and energy — our community impact grows exponentially to create an equitable future for all.

Using research, data and over 100 years of grantmaking experience, as a community-focused nonprofit organization, we have identified four areas we can focus our energy, resources, and capabilities. We invest dollars and time into:

Supporting stronger learners and ensuring all 3rd graders are reading proficiently.

If children aren’t strong readers, their opportunities are limited — work, school or in life. If they can’t read at grade level by third grade, they are four times more likely to drop out of high school. Learn more about the investment priority Strong Learners.

Helping our youth become college and career-ready.

In Greater Atlanta communities with low child well-being, about 37 percent of high school students have the financial means and pre-requisites to enter college and graduate — that’s compared to more than 70 percent in communities with high child well-being. Learn more about the investment priority College and Career Ready.

Ensuring people avoid homelessness.

There are more than 51,000 young adults in Greater Atlanta who are locked out of the economy — either not working or in school. Learn more about the investment priority Economic Stability.

Improving the living conditions and health of local communities.

In South Fulton, only 17 percent of third graders — compared to 46 percent in our region — are strong readers. This is 20 points lower than the state average. Learn more about the investment priority Brighter Future.

Learn more about our four investment priorities.