A Letter From Latonya Beverly, 2022-2023 LINC Chair

August 1, 2022

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as the 2022-23 Chair for United Way’s LINC (Lead. Impact. Network. Change.) Board.

I believe “In and through community lies the salvation of the world.” Through community, our connections with other like minded people, we have the power to impact individual lives and collectively improve outcomes for children and families in Greater Atlanta.

My passion for social justice is rooted in empowering children to achieve beyond the limits set before them. We know that in Atlanta, of the 1.3 Million children in the 13 counties we support, around half a million lack the basic opportunities, exposure, and resources they need to thrive and ultimately achieve success. This year, our Young Professionals are partnering with United Way to promote the Strong Learners initiative to improve educational outcomes for children by expanding early learning opportunities, increasing support outside of school and helping to improve the health and financial stability of families. I appreciate the holistic approach Strong Learners strategies take to combat the challenges in our community as we partner with organizations, engage volunteers, or raise money to increase access to early learning, build reading skills, increase healthcare navigation, secure housing & basic needs, and strengthen family engagement.

Our 2022-23 LINC board is committed to the promise of improving our community. We are eager to take action whether through volunteering time or our philanthropic efforts. I hope as leaders in our community, we inspire and encourage others to join us as we Unite for More. Providing professional development. fun networking opportunities, exciting speakers, and hands-on opportunities to engage with others as we serve.

I look forward to all that there is to accomplish this year. We’ve got the right team in place to make a lasting impact on the city we love.


Latonya Beverly

2022-2023 United Way LINC Chair