Kourosh Noorbehesh

“One of the bullet points of our company’s mission statement is to be ‘involved as responsible citizens in our community,’ and to me the word involved means to actually live it and be part of it. It’s not just about giving money, as we all give because of the need within our communities, but also about giving the most valuable asset we have—our time.”

Cole Society Donor Spotlight: Kate Koplan

“When asked to join United Way as a board member, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from fellow board members, support the management and functional teams at United Way, and bring back the ‘good word’ to my workplace and my own circle in the community.”

Cole Society Donor Spotlight: Iriel Jones

“Growing up, I was taught that if you have a gift, then you should share that gift with others. That way, we can all learn from one another and grow into our best selves.”

OUT Georgia Donor Profile Troy Parker, United Way of Greater Atlanta

Troy Parker, Assistant Director of Corporate Relations at United Way of Greater Atlanta, shares with us his passion for United Way’s work in LGBTQ+ spaces, and why it means so much to him. Tell us about your role at United Way of Greater Atlanta. I work as a Development Officer supporting the engagement strategies of […]

Cole Society Donor Spotlight: John Saneda

“I have the amazing fortune of working with an organization whose founder was passionate about supporting the communities that made us successful. 92 years later we are still growing a culture of associates that show they care the most about the people they serve.”

Tocqueville Society Member Spotlight: Jennifer Sparks

“There’s great power in people uniting together as a community to help children and families cope with the challenges of poverty including homelessness and food insecurity. I got involved with United Way of Greater Atlanta because I felt our charitable dollars would have the greatest impact by giving to the United Way of Greater Atlanta.”

Cole Society Leadership Spotlight: Venitia Smith

“By participating in the Cole Society Level, I know that my contributions are making a positive impact. I am assured that every dollar is utilized in the best way possible in making a difference in the lives who receive those funds.”

Tocqueville Society Member Spotlight: Youlanda Mack

“As we uplift others, we uplift ourselves. I am truly grateful and honored to be a part of a network of philanthropic leaders who encourage and make a difference by providing resources and funding for long-term progressive change.”