We Celebrate our Family Engagement Partners

 Strengthening family engagement is a priority that aligns with our Child Well-Being mission to improve educational outcomes for children by addressing the factors beyond school that often get in the way of success, like early learning opportunities, supports outside of school, health and financial stability of all families.

Kids in Clayton get books, bears and visit with United Way spokeskid

You wouldn’t expect to see 125 bears in one day, but stranger things have happened. Four days a week, children in Clayton County head to different library branches across their community, and each Thursday they go to the library headquarters on Battle Creek Road in Jonesboro. The library is tucked away in a larger complex […]

Increasing the diversity of the early childhood education workforce

At United Way of Greater Atlanta, we are focused on the well-being of children, families and communities across Greater Atlanta. When you are able to say that children are doing well in the community, it’s a great indicator that those communities — in turn — are doing well. Early childhood providers have played a critical […]

Prioritizing the mental well-being of our children

For individuals, families, and communities across Greater Atlanta, the impacts of COVID-19 have left us feeling stressed, anxious, and struggling to cope. When we think about the impacts COVID-19 on children and adolescents across our region, we are also grappling with the increased vulnerability this pandemic has placed on the mental well-being of our youngest […]

Wells Fargo Donates $20 Million to Strengthen Small Businesses in Atlanta

Today, Wells Fargo announced a $20 million donation to help Atlanta small business owners own more of their businesses’ assets, including property and equipment, and to enable physical upgrades to their facilities. The United Way of Greater Atlanta, in collaboration with Invest Atlanta, will distribute the funding as a mix of grants and loans in […]

CareerReady ATL: Providing Real Opportunity for Metro Atlanta Youth

Atlanta has a strong and diverse business sector, many post-secondary educational institutions, first-rate nonprofits, and a civil rights legacy that has grown into a movement — all of which have elevated our status to one of national recognition of activism and change. And yet, structural inequities born of racism create conditions that all too often […]

Motel-to-Home gives Atlanta woman shelter, helps her reunite with daughter

Markesha moved to Atlanta, escaping a Florida neighborhood that had become violent and unsafe for her two children. But finding an apartment became a challenge — and it wasn’t because of a previous eviction or lack of income, but for something else beyond her control. The single mom took refuge in a motel. “I had […]

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