Cherokee County

Last year, we unlocked the potential of more than 9,000 individuals, children, and families in Cherokee.

Our Child Well-Being Index tells us there are more children and families in need in Cherokee. They aren’t just numbers on a map, they’re your neighbors.

How are the children in Cherokee county doing?

Our goal

To help every child unlock their full potential.

By improving education, healthcare, and economic mobility in the communities where they live. Every child includes every child in Cherokee.

What we're doing

Based on local child well-being insights, the Cherokee County Advisory Board determined Building Strong Learners and Increasing Economic Stability as the most important areas to focus efforts.

We know it takes every sector to remove barriers and that’s why we invite individuals, corporations, non-profits, and government entities to create viable solutions and drive sustainable change in Cherokee County with a focus on these priorities.

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Cherokee County Advisory Board

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