Partnership announcement: NCR Foundation to power STEMUp: Youth Maker Competition 

December 5, 2023

Competitors have the chance to receive up to $10,000 of project funding — more than triple the amount previously awarded.

Founded in 2019, United Way’s STEMUp: Youth Maker Competition is a “Shark Tank”-style contest for middle and high school students to showcase their ideas to a panel of judges with the possibility of receiving funding to carry out their projects. For this year’s competition, we are excited to announce an innovative partnership with NCR Foundation that will amplify the accessibility of STEM resources throughout the 13-county Greater Atlanta region. 

Developing pathways to further STEM education is a mission that both NCR Foundation and United Way share. With this collaboration, we expect to reach double the number of youth participants (an estimated 350 youth) and award more than triple the amount of funding (up to $10,000 per project) in comparison to past competitions. 

“We at the NCR Foundation are dedicated to providing opportunities for people in the communities we work and live in. By supporting STEM initiatives like STEMUp, we can help ensure that youth from all walks of life are developing skills in fields that are critical to technological advancement and innovation, while leading them to gainful employment and sustained career pathways,” says Yvonne Whitaker, Director of NCR Foundation. 

According to the latest data from United Way’s 2023 Child Well-Being Outlook: Insights for Impact Report, nearly 14,000 youth ages 16 to 19 are outside of college and career pipelines; a disproportionate percentage of these youth are BIPOC. Similarly, the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics found that Hispanic, Black, Native American, and Alaska Native people made up 31% of the U.S. population but 24% of the STEM workforce in 2021. They also were more likely to work jobs that didn’t require higher education.  

Programs like STEMUp are imperative in creating alternative pathways to success where every student is given the opportunity to explore their strengths so that they are not left behind due to factors outside of their control. NCR Foundation’s funding allows even more interested youth from across the region to access necessary supports to create and implement innovative community solutions, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or gender.  

Click here for more information about STEMUp: Youth Maker Competition powered by NCR Foundation. 

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