Cole Society Donor Spotlight: Iriel Jones

“Growing up, I was taught that if you have a gift, then you should share that gift with others. That way, we can all learn from one another and grow into our best selves.”

LINC Member Spotlight: Nigel Walton

“I wanted to serve and connect with people who were my age and who were trying to make a significant impact in the Greater Atlanta area.”

AAP Member Spotlight Jason L. Brown

“My desire to give back to young people in communities that may have a need for greater resources is something I’ve been a part of for most of my adult life. Moving to Atlanta and learning about AAP made me excited to have a chance to join the team.”

We Celebrate our Family Engagement Partners

 Strengthening family engagement is a priority that aligns with our Child Well-Being mission to improve educational outcomes for children by addressing the factors beyond school that often get in the way of success, like early learning opportunities, supports outside of school, health and financial stability of all families.

YPL Member Spotlight: Will Godwin

“After living in Atlanta for four years and becoming familiar with community around me, I wanted to support and serve an organization like United Way that provides solutions on issues affecting child, family, and community well-being.”

Tocqueville Society: 2022-2023 Executive Committee and Cabinet

The Tocqueville Society has a new executive committee and cabinet! As we share the excitement of these new leaders, we also want to provide our greatest thanks to Chris Peck who has served as the chair of the Tocqueville Cabinet from 2019 – 2022. Thank you, Chris, for your tireless and constant leadership and steering […]

United Way volunteers are a ‘community’s greatest asset’

United Way of Greater Atlanta is known by its tagline: “Give, Advocate, Volunteer,” and during the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has also seen this as its rallying cry. How do we help those most affected by this economic and health crisis? We united to do more for a community in a time of great need, […]