Lead. Impact. Network. Change.

LINC is open to community-minded young people under 30.

Lead. Impact. Network. Change. (LINC) is a group of emerging professionals who are passionate about making Greater Atlanta a better place.

A LINC membership delivers unique events and experiences to elevate its community, connections, and social calendar through volunteerism and personal development.  LINC membership is open to those who give $250 annually and are under 30.

Benefits that add up to more

LINC provides opportunities for philanthropic, social, and professional growth. 

A Letter From Latonya Beverly, 2022-2023 LINC Chair

“Through community, our connections with other like minded people, we have the power to impact individual lives and collectively improve outcomes for children and families in Greater Atlanta..”

Latest news and events

Highlight Reel

In July 2023, we turned Atlanta into Havana and celebrated the collective work of our Young Professional Leaders and LINC members within the community! This party with a purpose brought everyone together to help create more opportunities for children in Greater Atlanta through our Learning Spaces Initiative.
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Our Impact Networks

Engagement Groups

African-American Partnership members give $1000 annually and are committed to uplifting African-American boys and young men in the metro Atlanta area.
LINC members give $250 annually and are under the age of 30.
Women United mobilizes women of diverse backgrounds and is open to those who give $1000 annually.
LINC members give $250 annually and are under the age of 30, and YPL members give $500 annually and are under the

Donor Recognition Societies

Tocqueville Society and Ivan Allen donors give $10,000 and $25,000 annually, respectfully.
Legacy Leaders are individuals or couples who commit to a planned gift through their wills or estate plans.
Cole Society members give $1,000 annually. This includes access to Women United and African-American Partnership.​

Board Service

United Way VIP is a nationally recognized board governance training program.

Thank you for your interest in Lead. Impact. Network. Change..

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