AAP’s Powering the Potential Pivots Changing Needs

To combat learning loss, AAP’s Powering the Potential Program aims to improve academic. This program targets communities where inequities in education are prominent and youth are more likely to be left behind.

Clarkston-based organization CDF Action is a model for community-driven change.

With partners like United Way of Greater Atlanta, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, and Scottdale Early Learning, CDF Action focuses on asset-based community development. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Clarkston, you know that it’s earned its title as “the Ellis Island of the south.” Since the 1990s — when refugee resettlement programs designated […]

Announcing the 2023 Women United Cabinet

United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Women United is pleased to announce our 2023-2024 Cabinet. Established in 1999 under the leadership of Atlanta heroines Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole, Ann Stallard, and Anne Kaiser, Women United serves as the “go to“ place for women of all ages to create real and lasting change. Supporters and members of […]

AAP leaders influence youth academic performance

United Way of Greater Atlanta’s African-American Partnership (AAP) was formed in 2000 after Dr. Johnnetta Cole saw a lack of philanthropic leadership presence for African-Americans in Greater Atlanta. AAP is made up of donors with comparable passions for giving, leadership, and service. It was created to bring together United Way donors who were underrepresented. It is a […]

ComfiArt and United Way collaboration emphasizes the importance of community

At United Way of Greater Atlanta, we aim to promote equity by investing in our community. Because ComfiArt shares our goal of community enrichment through financial stability, our collaboration seemed inevitable.  Founded by Dionna Collins in 2016, ComfiArt provides resources for artists — particularly artists of color — to monetize their work. A 2019 study […]