OUT Georgia Impact Fund

In a world where diversity and inclusion are paramount, United Way of Greater Atlanta and Out Georgia Business Alliance have united to uplift the LGBTQ+ community. The power of giving knows no bounds and now is the time to make a difference.

Invest in the OUT Georgia Impact Fund today to help create a more inclusive and accepting world for all.

LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations are invited to apply for grants from the OUT Georgia Impact Fund, powered by United Way of Greater Atlanta. Applications are open May 1, 2024

Senior Director, Corporate Relations

The OUT Georgia Impact Fund launched in 2021 with a mission to amplify and invest in nonprofit organizations that deliver meaningful, distinct, and measurable impact in the lives of Georgia’s growing LGBTQIA+ community. 

Powered by United Way of Greater Atlanta in collaboration with OUT Georgia Business Alliance, Georgia’s LGBTQIA+ and Allied Chamber of Commerce, the Impact Fund is guided by an advisory council to award grants to eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that demonstrate excellence, intentionality, consistency, and effectiveness directly impacting LGBTQIA+ individuals, families, or communities across the State of Georgia.

The OUT Georgia Impact Fund aligns with United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Child Well-Being Agenda by focusing on equity to ensure all individuals, families, and communities have opportunities to thrive.

Our Investments

Urgent needs

Support LGBTQIA+ adults and families to address urgent needs and secure resources in an accessible and equitable environment.

Economic Stability

Help LGBTQIA+ families and individuals build prosperity through housing stability, food security, health and technology equity, financial education, and career pathways.

College and Career Readiness

Support LGBTQIA+ youth in tapping into their potential by improving college and career readiness, with a focus on academic support, career pathways, college planning, and securing housing and basic needs.

Small Business Support

Support and develop LGBTQIA+ owned small businesses or entrepreneurs, or incorporate these underrepresented businesses into how the organization delivers its mission, programs, or services.

Advocacy & Awareness

Build awareness of inequities and promote advocacy within the LGBTQIA+ community. Educate stakeholders on systemic injustices and foster a more equity-centered approach to empower and engage community members..

Culture of Justice, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Center and/or explicitly incorporate underrepresented identities into the organization’s mission, programming, communications, policies, leadership, and operations. Foster a culture of justice, equity, inclusion, and belonging within the organization and among the greater LGBTQIA+ community.

How you can help

Thanks to the support of our donors, we’ve raised $100,000 to distribute to LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations since 2021! There is more work to be done, and we hope you will help us get to our next $100,000 goal for the third round of grants taking place in September 2024.

Individuals, families, businesses, employees, foundations, and corporations are encouraged to make a difference for the LGBTQ+ community by making a tax-deductible contribution to the OUT Georgia Impact Fund.

Thank you to our sponsors

We recognize the critical position LGBTQ+ nonprofits hold in elevating and addressing the multifaceted needs within our growing and diverse community, and we are building the Impact Fund to move in lockstep with those needs. For corporations, foundations, and individuals, it couldn’t be a more important time to consider a charitable investment that will make a meaningful difference in the lives and livelihoods of LGBTQ+ people, families, and organizations in the Greater Atlanta region and across the State of Georgia.

Chris Lugo, Executive Director of the OUT Georgia Business Alliance

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